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(615) 401-9863


1907A Division Street
Nashville, TN 37203


Sun-W 11a–midnight
Thu 11a–late
F-Sat 11a–3a

Listen here people…

The Slider House was born out of necessity. In this giant world of giant restaurants with giant burgers the Slider was lost. So we went to work on creating Sliders that could blow your mind.  We got creative, mixed up our flavors, and if it tastes good we believe it belongs between two tiny buns. Ahi Tuna?Check. Lobster? Check. Black bean burger? Yup, check that too. If you can imagine it, we are doing it.

the slider REVOLUTION

And….why stop there? Delicious Sides and Canned Craft Beer make our amazing sliders even better. And yes, because we don’t just care about Sliders, we care about our city, country, and environment we recycle all those cans of beer you drink. Yes, recycling is a pain, but so was packing so much deliciousness into tiny sliders…and we nailed that!

So if you are a burger snob, enthusiast, connoisseur, fan, expert or just some one who loves food with heart & soul – come down and join the Slider Revolution, we guarantee you're going to love it.

Our people, our food, and our hospitality are all built upon one thing – respect.  Respect for our customers, respect for our environment, and respect all that goodness between two tiny buns. We are The Slider House.



Our mission is to blow your mind and set a new standard for Sliders.
We’ve come to reinvent the Slider and if you thought Sliders were just about beef – think again. Welcome to the Slider revolution.