Top 5 Burgers In Nashville (According To This Burger Enthusiast)

Natalie Hart - March 30, 2015

For this special edition of the Wannado blog, we asked our resident burger enthusiast, Mike Freeman, to give a list of his all-time favorite burgers. We hope you’re hungry, because it is about to get finger-lickin’ good (check out our restaurant listings in Wannado for all your Nashville needs).

Simply put, the hamburger is one of the easier things to make, but it’s also one of the hard things to get right! It’s nothing more than a patty between 2 buns, so how can there be so many variations? Let’s take a look at some of Nashville’s BEST burgers.



The Slider House


Ok, for the burger purists out there, you can put down your pitchforks, I know a slider and a burger are different, but when you knock it out of the slider park….you end up in the burger park. When I first ate at The Slider House, I was sad that I only had one stomach. I wish I was like Indian god with all those arms…I’d have a burger in each hand.  What’s good about The Slider House is their variety. You can go traditional or you can go crazy, it’s your call. The shotgun is my personal favorite.