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Nashville’s The Slider House Coming to Rock Hill

By George Mahe 

August 23, 2015


Anyone who’s ventured out to the new Lucky’s Market in Rock Hill to take advantage of the Grand Opening specials has seen the banners.

If you’ve passed through the intersection of McKnight and Manchester in the last week, you’ve seen the banners.

There's no way we could have missed the banners.

If timing and location on a busy suburban corner count for anything at all, The Slider House (9528 Manchester, the former Altai Mongolian Grill space) is off to a rip-roaring start.


The flagship Slider Shop opened in Nashville in mid-2013, featuring a sassy websitea respectable array of sliders, several home-made’s (hand-cut fries, sweet potato fries, and chips) and 50+ varieties of canned beer, 16-ouncers served in SH koozies. (According to Instagram, The Slider Shop is “Nashville’s largest canned beer emporium.”)

Ah, but fear not, 80 proofers, there’s a full bar, too. First on our list is the bloody mary garnished with copious vegetables and a bacon cheeseburger slider (right). They call it the Slider Mary; we took one look and thought, “why, that's brunch in a glass.”

Craig Calvert, GM of the Nashville store, said that if all goes according to schedule, the Rock Hill store will open in early November. Calvert will oversee both locations.

The flagship restaurant is located near Vanderbilt University and caters to that audience (a 3 AM closing on weekends, all-day happy hour, etc). Calvert said the Rock Hill store will be tailored to its neighborhood as well, meaning shorter hours, a few local beers on draft, and what Calvert called a more extensive, “second tier" slider menu, meaning ahi tuna, steak, shrimp, fresh broiled lobster, even wild game.

Our gripe with sliders has always been a skimpy meat-to-bun ratio, but every picture we’ve dredged up (and most every review) indicates those at The Slider House are protein-generous. So thank you, Slider House, for that. We're looking forward to the Nashville Hot Chicken option. We can't get enough of that stuff around here lately...

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